Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 Days of Creativity: How to Embrace Your Creativity Challenge

Over the next 12 days of this holiday season this is the gift I am giving you all. ;) I will be presenting my version of the 12 Days of Christmas - the 12 Days of Creativity: How to Embrace Your Creativity.

For years art and crafting has been an incredible release for me. I am always thinking of my next project. It provides not only a sense of calm and but almost puts me into a meditative state of concentration and gives me a sense of pride.

I often hear from others, though, that they don't have a creative side, or that they just can't "do it" when we're talking about a certain project.

I admit that I have been involved in art and crafting for 15+ years so my trepidation with tackling a project has decreased, but I truly believe everyone has a "crafty" or artsy side. You may have to dig deeper and be patient, but it's there!

I believe strongly in the importance of creating and the pride that comes with being able to make things and beautify your life or your world. It's like being a child again, running home to show your parents your finger painting and seeing it displayed on the fridge!

So I've compiled a list of 12 tips for really embracing your creative side as well as some corresponding tasks to reach that creativity! If you are interested in getting the whole list at once or more tips on creativity and inspiration subscribe for email updates!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the First Day of Creativity!!

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