Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day Six of the 12 Days of Creativity

This is Day Six of the 12 Steps to Creativity: Embracing Your Creativity Challenge!
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On the Sixth Day of Creativity Meghan gave to me: PATIENCE.

Nabbed from Fernando | Flickr - "Lulu Learns Patience"

TIP 6 - Give it time. Patience, patience patience, people!! Patience really is a virtue. One in which I don't typically possess. And I often have to step away from a project that I am losing patience with. But when I come back calmed down and ready, I am back at it with a totally new perspective.

99% of people (my stat, not "scientifically" proven ;) ) will not pick up a paint brush for the first time and paint a masterpiece. And if they do, it will take them some time to correct, and re-correct. Most art and crafts take time to hone the skill set. Even if you are a natural at something, your later work will often reflect all the time and effort you've put into it learning and improving.

Don't give up after your first attempt. Don't let yourself get defeated that quickly. Just go into it with the purpose of enjoying it and trying something out, and not to be perfect and amazing.

We learn best from our mistakes anyways. Some of the greatest things have stemmed from huge mistakes! Relish in your mistakes and work with them! Just don't give up because of a mistake.

TASK 6 - Take a 30-day art challenge. Go online and search for these challenges. Find one that speaks to you more than another - or like I'm going to do, pick pieces and parts from different ones and Frankenstein your own 30-day challenge that really excites you!

This challenge will force you to have some patience with improving your skills. Day 1 you may feel like you have no idea what you're doing - push through that!! By Day 30 you will feel much more comfortable with your skills and will have honed in on them a bit more.

Stay tuned to my blog - after my 12 Days of Creativity in the New Year I plan on doing a 30 Day Art Challenge and I'll be posting all my work plus my commentary :)

Start your 30 Day Art Challenge and show me your progress! Send me your stories of when patience was very important (or when you lost patience) while crafting!
Leave me some comments on your thoughts on Day Six.
AND Stay tuned tomorrow for Day Seven: APPRECIATION!


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