Friday, December 19, 2014

Day Nine of the 12 Days of Creativity

This is Day Nine of the 12 Steps to Creativity: Embracing Your Creativity Challenge!
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On the Ninth Day of Creativity Meghan gave to me: POSITIVITY.

Thumbs up, man!

TIP 9 - Don't downplay your skills or accomplishments. I hear people all the time after they complete a project say "oh, it's nothing." Be proud of what you've done! Even if it's "just" a wreath for your front door, "just" a flower arrangement for your kitchen table, or "just" a painted wooden letter for your child's bedroom door, you did it, and it's probably well done!

Just today my co-worker found out that I am crafty and sell things on Etsy. She said, "I wish I was artsy and did things like that." I reminded her that she's talked about the things she does and the presents she makes from things she sees on Pinterest. She said, "well I only copy things I see". And I told her that is a skill in and of itself and to not downplay that.

Even being willing to see something and be inspired enough to do something is great! The more you do it the more you will want to do it. The more you do it the more you will build your skill set and your own artistic voice.

Be proud of the work you do and don't downplay your skills!!!

TASK 9 - Create something and post it somewhere! Post it on your Facebook or Instagram page. Do a little fishing for compliments. Be proud of your accomplishment and relish in the moment!! ;)

Feed off the positivity you get from your friends and family to want to keep creating!

Share your projects and accomplishments with me! Show off your work!
Leave me some comments on your thoughts on Day Nine.
AND Stay tuned tomorrow for Day Ten: STRENGTH! 

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