Friday, December 12, 2014

Day Two of the 12 Days of Creativity

This is Day Two of the 12 Steps to Creativity: Embracing Your Creativity Challenge!
Check out Day One here!

On the Second Day of Creativity Meghan gave to me: WORK SPACE.

Nabbed from Fabric Paper Glue :)

TIP 2 - Set up a space where you really feel inspired. We can't all have the amazing New York City loft studio that the brooding artist on t.v. lives in with massive, beautiful windows and an inspiring space for creating. Some of us live in regular suburban apartments or homes in Akron, Ohio, or Wichita, Kansas, or Birmingham, Alabama (not that any of those cities, two of which I've lived in, aren't full of art and inspiration, but they aren't what you see featured on t.v. as artistic Meccas).

 Regardless of where you live or what your space looks like, it is important to create a space that's inspiring or a space where you feel like you can create. If this is a corner of a room, an area in your basement or garage, a shed out back, whatever it is, take the time to make a space that you feel comfortable in, where you can spread out a bit - (or your stuff can spread out a bit - art gets messy!), and make it your own little art loft. One of the biggest things that can prevent you from creating is feeling like you have nowhere to do it.

Make a space you want to be in - where you could hang out for hours. This may mean bringing in a t.v. or a radio, or making it around the corner from where everyone hangs out in your home so you don't feel completely left out, or completely opposite to that, out in the shed so you are undisturbed and truly have your own space.

Put up photos, paintings, and clippings that inspire you, encourage you, and add to your oasis of art. It will be your own space that as soon as you enter it you get those butterflies of excitement to get creative and start working on something!

TASK 2 -  Start looking at your surrounding for a space where you could set up a space for creating. Make a list of 5-10 items that you would like to have in that space and slowly start pulling together these items needed to make that space happen - a work table, a comfortable chair, a cool lamp, a container (or containers) for all your supplies (be it paints, fabrics, thread, etc.), then put up your inspiration board (to come from TASK 4).

Show me your work space or a space that you feel inspired in!!

Leave me some comments on your thoughts on Day Two.

AND Stay tuned tomorrow for Day Three!


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