Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day Four of the 12 Days of Creativity

This is Day Four of the 12 Steps to Creativity: Embracing Your Creativity Challenge!
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On the Fourth Day of Creativity Meghan gave to me: INSPIRATION.

Photo nabbed from Lonny Magazine

TIP 4 - Look for inspiration everywhere. There really is beauty everywhere. I know that sounds like the first line in a love song, but those crooners got it right. It's true. There is beauty and inspiration everywhere.

Oftentimes we are on the go so much that we aren't able to appreciate those moments. The leaves in the fall, the snow in the winter, the flowers in the spring, the hot, sunny day in the summer. There are moments of inspiration in everything and everywhere.

Keep a notebook on you, or make a note in your phone, of some thing you see that you enjoyed, that tripped your visual trigger, that you'd like to replicate. The best thing about our phones now is taking pictures of things that visually stimulate you. Half the time I take pictures of things and don't do anything with them. But sometimes I go back through my photos on my phone and get inspired by a photo I took.

Don't try to force it though. Sometimes it's nice to just take in the view. You don't have to paint everything you see or think every leaf and petal should inspire you to create. But take in the views and appreciate what's out there and when you're working on something some of those ideas will come back to you.

TASK 4 - Start looking through magazines, the internet, Pinterest, etc.. Start making collages of things that inspire you - bright colors, interesting textures, lines and shadows, portraits, etc. Make a literal "vision" board. A board of visually stimulating things that will continue to inspire you. Put this on poster board or tack it on a cork board. Put this where you will see it often and will be able to draw ideas from it. This can be an ever changing piece of art in and of itself. Add to it or cover things up as you see fit. This is a great way to start looking for inspiration. Once you are more aware of what trips your visual triggers, you will start seeing it everywhere. Then post this vision board in your work space (from Day Two) for further inspiration.

Show me your inspiration board or anything that inspires you!!
Leave me some comments on your thoughts on Day Four.
AND Stay tuned tomorrow for Day Five: COMMUNITY!

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