Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Martini with a Wire Twist

My friend and co-worker moved into a new apartment with a bar in her kitchen. Because she is renting she can't paint the walls and feels like she's living in an insane asylum with all that white! She wanted a little decoration over the bar area and said something about a wire martini glass. I told her that was something I could probably put together for her. She said she knew exactly how she wanted it to look but just didn't know how to do it. We talked about it and I drew up a little sketch to see what she was imagining.

Not but a couple days later my boss brought me some extra galvanized steel fencing wire that she used in her yard. I got home same night, threw on a pair of gloves, and I got right to it!

Here's the final product!!!


Haley loves it and can't wait to put it up above her bar! It would look great even with some Starry String Lights woven through it for a little light-up option!!

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