Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to Recycle Your Flower Bouquets

If you've been following along with the story, kids, you may have noticed that I love flowers. And I mean, Love. With a capital L. I think they are absolutely beautiful, with their colors and tiny details, and they brighten any space they are in. I try to always have some sort of flower in my home to bring in the outdoors and brighten my home, even if it's a wildflower I picked on a walk or flowers from the store. I also love picking up unique or cute vase options and using them throughout the house.

This last Saturday was my birthday and I received one of the most amazing bouquets of flowers I've ever gotten. It was filled with lots of different types of flowers that smelled great, looked great, and worked so well together!! (Plus walking into the hotel room with flowers waiting on me was an amazingly sweet surprise :) ).

Here's the original bouquet in all its flowery glory!

I loved this bouquet and wanted to be able to keep it going as long as I could. Once certain flowers started wilting a bit and the bouquet was losing a little bit of its original luster I started to piece together mini bouquets from it to continue the enjoyment throughout my apartment. The best thing about a big bouquet like this is you can get LOTS of little bouquets!

A couple things to consider:
 1) When re-arranging the flowers, re-cut the bottom of the stem on the diagonal to allow for more water uptake and renewed freshness.
 2) Think about which flowers work together - consider color, type, heights, etc.
 3) Think about which vase will make the flowers look best.


Here are four simple pink carnations with some of the Fern Plumosa in a small glass cup/vase on my kitchen sink. A simple arrangement but pretty all the same.

I have this very cool oriental vase that I thought would look nice with a heavier arrangement and some deeper colors. These deep pink astroemerias, Fern plumosa, and greenery look great in this vase. I love the droopiness of the astroemerias in this vase as well. Not all arrangements have to be tight, some look nice a little more flowing or loose.

I put these amazing Stargazer Lilies with the daisies because their purplish/pinks worked well together. I had two lilies in the bouquet and the daisies do a nice job filling the small glass vase.

I kept the two roses together in a simple arrangement with some of the dainty Fern plumosa.

I put all the bright yellow daisies in with the two big red Gerber daisies in my awesome white, Ikea pitcher vase.  This arrangement is so happy and brightens up my kitchen table so nicely!

There was a bunch of this beautiful bog rosemary in the original bouquet that I kept together in a taller glass vase in my kitchen window. I love how stalky and long this is and how well it bunches at the top. 

These are just some examples of how to pair flowers together, how to use their heights and weights, colors and types to re-create some beautiful arrangements out of the bouquets you get or buy to make their beauty last even longer in your home!!!

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