Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend of Upholstery, continued!

Debbie and I quickly tackled reupholstering this bench the same weekend that we redid my chair.  I got this bench from the same friend that I got my Hoosier cabinet!! He was getting rid of this for free and I snagged it!!!! The 3 foot bench had a pea green velvet tufted fabric seat on a cream metal stand.  We easily unscrewed the seat from the metal base and spray painted the metal white to clean it up. I didn't care about keeping the tufting on this particular piece (and we didn't rip the fabric off on this one either, but just covered over it). We used a little bit of batting (stuffing) to give this older bench a little more cushion and to cover up the tufting.  We then covered it with our fabric (once again, strong enough for my dogs, and some white, but not too much because of the dogs...).  It turned out so well and is a great piece in my bedroom along the end of  my bed!!

Sorry.... all pictures are very candid... no staging here!! 


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