Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's been THAT long...??

It's been TOO long! My last post was a little under a year ago after I finished the last growth chart.  That was last spring/summer! I clearly got distracted by life and have not been posting very often. But I obviously get inspired in the spring and summer!! Anyway, I spent the rest of last summer working, taking little vacations here and there, and working on my porch "garden" trying to enjoy the extreme heat of the South! In the fall, I went out into the woods next to my parking lot and got a bunch of honeysuckle vines, which I boil and peel to use for my dream catchers.


I have many more and still need to take good pictures of them to post them, and hopefully sell on Etsy. This past winter my Etsy shop MyVintageBird  did pretty well, and I sold a lot of my Boobie Coozies... :)


So, that was just a quick, little update of what was going on in the past year I guess! I'm going to post a couple of things that I've been working on this spring on a separate post!

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