Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend of Upholstery!

Recently, The Amazing Debbie was in town visiting! She comes into town every 6 months or so and turns my apartment upside down (in a good way though)! She helps me look at things differently and tackle projects I wouldn't normally be able to.  
So there we were with this chair... I got it for $10 at my work's bi-annual yard sale/thrift shop and was so excited to have snagged it for that amount!!!  It is a solid wood Statesville Chair Co. chair that had some pretty truly vintage fabric.  The chair is in great condition, and really the fabric was in great condition as well.  While there was nothing wrong with the fabric quality-wise, there was a problem aesthetically... while I appreciate the vintage value of the velvet green and gold brocade fabric, it just wasn't quite the look I was going for. I did, however, really like the "bones" of the chair - the little scroll work, the wood details, and everything was in good condition, especially for redoing.
So here are pictures of the chair before.

So we started to take the chair apart piece by piece.  We had to remove all of the trim and upholstery nails, and we tried to keep the stuffing intact as much as possible because it was in good enough shape.

When choosing a fabric we considered what would be strong enough to withstand my dogs.  I wanted a fabric that had some cream in it and wasn't too dark, but I couldn't have something with too much cream because that can look dirty fast.  Debbie found this fabric and I loved it. It's a perfect fabric and looks beautiful with the wood of the chair.  While doing the upholstery we definitely had to keep the pattern in mind to make sure that everything was lined up right!!  

I reused the upholstery nails and lined the back under the roll and the sides of the front seat back, which I thought added a little bit and looked really clean.  

We used a plain, white piece of cotton fabric to re-cover the bottom, which had a dusty, dingy black mesh cover before, but we removed that in the destruction phase!  I kept the Statesville Chair Co. tag and reattached it on the new cover.  I also kept a piece of the original fabric and attached that on the bottom as proof of where the chair has come from. :) 

I am so unbelievably excited for how this chair has turned out. I could never have done it all without Debbie's help. I loved it before and knew it had great potential but am amazed how it's come together! It is way more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and I'm completely in love with it now!!

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