Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Dried Grass Arrangement

I packed up the car and headed north to Ohio for Christmas where my mom lives. My brother and his girlfriend came in from Chicago and we had a fun old-fashioned Christmas in Ohio - no snow this year though.

My brother and his girlfriend got my mom the book Bringing the Outdoors In by Shane Powers and this beautiful purple vase from Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago because she's a flower girl like me.

I was inspired by both the book and vase, and while I was outside talking with my brother I saw these beautiful dried lily pods and grasses that I instantly thought of for the new purple vase.

Their cream color would look great against the purple vase.


These lacy, dried, lily seed pods were absolutely beautiful! I took a million pictures at a million different angles to try to capture just how amazing they were!

I am a big proponent of "Bringing the Outdoors In" so I highly recommend checking out Bringing the Outdoors In by Shane Powers for some inspiration on ways to bring the natural world inside your home!!

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