Saturday, April 7, 2012

Return of the Funky Site - Beyond the Picket Fence

It feels like forever since I've done a Funky Site and I've run across some really awesome sites lately, thanks to Pinterest!  The first Funky Site I want to feature is a blog called Beyond the Picket Fence, and this blogger has some amazing ideas and pieces. I really like the projects she posts and we have similar taste in styles.  She is great with re-purposing items and does some really neat work with re-purposed wood.


This rolling side table is made from plywood then painted and aged.  I love this piece and the aged look and colors on it.  

This will be a side table between the couches...if I can actually make it look like this!

This is a close-up of a piece of wood she features in her tutorial on how to paint and age wood the way she does it.  I really like the way her pieces turn out so I'm going to have to try this technique! It really puts a great shabby chic, recycled look to the wood.

Some of my favorite things that I found on her blog were the pieces she makes out of recycled wood pallets.  Pallets are all over the place to it's awesome to see such beautiful pieces made out of them.  She made this amazing bench/side table out of a pallet and other pieces of plywood. I am in love with this piece and, once again, the colors used on it.  I think it's amazing that it's made from a recycled pallet, and I think it's amazing that it looks like a neat, vintage piece.

 She made this amazing bench.......

.....out of this pallet! I love it!! 

Continuing with her pieces made from pallets this book holder/shelf was also made from a recycled pallet.  She painted and aged this one the way she does her other pieces.  This is great for an entrance way, laundry room/mudroom area.  


This is something she featured on another part of her blog that I thought was beautiful.  This is a beautiful space for a kitchen/dining room area.  This was originally from The Ironstone Nest

In the same post as the one above she featured this beautiful piece from Life as a Thrifter.  This beautiful canvas was made from recycled pallet wood.  This is all inspiring me to pick up hundreds of pallets and make things...........   :)

That's a little taste of this Funky Site. Make sure to check her out more at Beyond the Picket Fence!!!!!! 

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