Monday, April 11, 2011

Beer Bottle Label

My mom asked me to try designing a beer bottle label for her boyfriend's son who is getting married in May.  They were going to the couple's wedding party and wanted to give them a 6-pack with personalized labels on them.  They wanted to include a picture of the couple as well as their dog, Trigger, a lab/Australian Sheppard mix, who in an integral part of the family now!! My brother works at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. in Akron, where they all live, and bought a 6-pack of Labrador Lager, which ended up matching perfectly in both theme and color.
  My mom peeled off the labels from the Lager, printed out my labels on a label paper with a good printer, and placed these on over top. Their name ended up looking like a legitimate beer name!

On the back I added a solo picture of Trigger along with their names, wedding date and some other little details.  I put a recycle symbol, weight and bar code to make it a bit more realistic looking.  They are both in the Air Force so I used that logo, and it blends well with the other details.  
Here are pictures my brother took with a camera on his phone of the end result. Gives you a little taste of what they ended up looking like as actual labels.

You can see how well the front label matches the Labrador Lager sticker up top - and not even on purpose!!! 

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