Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas List

Here are some Christmas items - some realistic, some a little dreamy............

This gorgeous coffee table is Greek-inspired, modern, and shabby chic at all the same time.  I want this!! This "Distressed Ionic Capital Coffee Table" is from Restoration Hardware and is $1695. I love that it's two found object-type pieces put together.  While we're on the Christmas wish-list thing... I would take the room, too! The chandelier and the white couches work perfectly with the coffee table.

This graphically painted dresser is from a store called Raval Warehouse in Argentina.  They have "vintage, modern furniture" and I'm all about it.  They have a great mix of super eclectic and simple classy pieces.

I recently discovered and found some great holiday decorations.  (Re-found has awesome found and recycled treasures for year round, too. Be sure to check out my "Funky Site" post on them.)

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