Friday, May 6, 2016

Drawing Challenge via: The House that Lars Built

Last year I did a 12 Days of Creativity which talked about embracing your creativity and even some barriers to being creative and how to break them down! One of the items I talked about was possibly doing a 30-day challenge to increase that creativity. The point is not to master a skill, or to be the best there is, but to get the juices flowing and ENJOY IT!

Day Two: How to Draw a Lilac - The House that Lars Built

 As I was trolling my usual creative blogs I ran across this 31 day drawing challenge on The House that Lars Built blog. First of all, she's teaching you how to draw FLOWERS. Super beautiful and useful for a crafter!! Second of all, they are simple enough that anyone can do it, which not only builds your skill set but also makes you feel happy and accomplished!!!

Head on over there and get those creative juices flowin'!!!!

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