Saturday, May 28, 2011

Double Funky Site!

This go 'round, I'm doing a bit of a double Funky Site.  I'm doing a Funky Site by way of another Über Funky Site! First, I have to give a shout out to HGTV's Blog, "Design Happens" - I love this blog and all the places it leads me. They have great ideas and great taste of what's interesting and attractive.  It is kind of a Permanent Funky Site on my list!  Before I do my second and actual Funky Site of this post I am going to give a quick little feature of what kinds of awesome things can be found at HGTV'S Blog - interior/exterior design ideas, interesting finds, and Do-It-Yourself projects. I am not going to designate a whole Funky Site, because there's just too much, and it's added to everyday, but I'm sure I will mention it again and I am seriously encouraging you to visit it!! 

Some of the items featured on their blog are more of "dream" items for me... like this amazing lounge chair with a canopy to cover you from the sun when you need it. This piece is beautiful and so classy. I love the bright red pillows! 
Modani sells these amazing love seats.

Other ideas featured on their blogs are more attainable for me.  This is a colorful and visually stunning way to decorate with baskets.  I have a soft spot in my heart for baskets because my grandma weaves beautiful baskets. I also love the woven rugs and rustic wood table they feature in the picture.

This is another interior design that I love. It's so rustic, but so clean. From the detailed, antique-like mirror to the rustic table and weathered pots, the clean, white hardwood floors and the worn bedframe, all look great in the bright space they are in.  I love the addition of fresh-cut white tulips!!

These shiny, "Oscar the Grouch homes" are amazing as planters!! This is such a clever idea! The colors pop so well against the clean silver.  This is a fun and easy DIY project from their site.  They suggest you screw on the wheels, which can be optional.  For the larger cans, they fill the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of the way with empty 2-liter bottles then start adding dirt - a nice way to take up the space and utilize recyclables. I wish I had space to do something like this!
For instructions on how to do this, go here!

The last item for HGTV's Funky Site leads into my main Funky Site feature. These amazing glass bubbles are from West Elm.  Practically floating in them are air ferns, which basically live off of air, only needing a little water on the base once a week.  This looks so other-worldly and alien-like. I ended up buying the two smaller round ones and bought air ferns from an online store....!!! I am extremely excited to put these wild things up. 

This purchase leads me to my main Funky Site....

The ever-amazing HGTV Design Blog has led me to an amazing store called West Elm.  They have great furniture, accessories and ideas. I bought my amazing glass bubbles (above) from their site! They have a lot of other great items. Let me show you...   :)

Bubbles Ceramic Side Table

This is a really unique ceramic side table. It can be beachy or kind of vintage, shabby chic.
Natural Tree-Stump Side Table
I also love this tree stump side table.  It's so rustic but I think still works perfectly with so many different styles. I think it would look great even with the ceramic side table above.

Round Coco Mirror

At first sight I wasn't sure about this mirror, but I love it now. This is a "round coco mirror" and it's made out of dried coconut pieces!

Angle Nesting Shelves

This is so quirky and fun. It adds a great flare and style to shelves.

Elton Settee

This is a dream item for me, but an absolutely beautiful and classy settee none the less.  It would look great paired with pillows with bright, bold patterns.

West Elm has some great pillows along with other home accessories.

I think bright patterned pillows matched with a bold colored pillow work perfectly on a white couch.

Recycled-Glass Bud Vases

Even these little recycled-glass bud vases are great. They're perfect little vases to display fresh wildflowers around your house. Right now they are on sale for only $3.99!!

Glass Teardrop Table Lamp

This is another great accessory they have.  These glass teardrop table lamps come with a raffia shade.  I love the right one with butterflies in it!!

Jason Polan Botanical Dessert Plates

West Elm also has beautiful plateware designs.  I love this Jason Polan Botanical Dessert Plate.

Henna Dessert Plates

This Henna Dessert Plate has a beautiful and interesting design.  A good alternative to plain, white plates.


West Elm also has a great section called We Love where they feature information on the artists featured in their collections, behind the scenes videos, and local guides to cities they consider home.

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