Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crochet Much?

Olek and the Bull

I ran across this picture while trolling the internet and it piqued my interest. I was checking out HGTV's blog, which has a fun, daily design inspiration, and I saw this incredible crocheted art installation by a New York-based Polish artist named Olek.  I went to her site and found a wild crocheted artist, and her work.  And I love it.  Not your typical Granny Square blankets, but crass quotes in bold colors, entire rooms crocheted and covered bicycles scattered around the city like neon cocoons.  She's crochet crazy and I like it!  That's why her site is my latest Funky Site.  I love crocheting and can get a little carried away but never like this and I'm  jealous.  Despite being a little crazy maybe, she's incredibly talented and creative. Here's a little taste of Olek.

This installation is named "Knitting is for Pus****".
I told you... she's a little wild....

This is Olek crocheting a bike.

txt machine

I love all her crazy quotes and the time stamp at the bottom of these pieces. The costumed person on the left is one of her outfits she crochets out of balloons.

These are her amazing bicycles and cars.

Check out her site to see all the incredible art Olek does.

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